Do you know who you’re marketing to?

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Just like on Instagram and Facebook, your website can track business data and information. You may have heard of it? It’s call Google Analytics.

If you haven’t, do not worry, you can go over to Google Analytics and get set up. I’m sure right about now you’re freaking out a little but don’t worry you’ve go this. and if in the worse case scenario you’re really not sure, talk to a website expert, they’ll be able to set this up for you – I do for my clients, and I’d be happy to help you to!

Once it’s set up, your website developer can install the specific code Google Analytics provided into your website code. The reason this is necessary is so both your website and Google Analytics talk to each other and track who is visiting your website.

Tracking your data

Why is it important to track this data? Well, simply put your able to understand your target market, website visitors, and have a better understanding of how to attract more clients.

When marketing to your clients it’s important to understand how your customers purchase from you. This purchasing or sales process has three stages that describe your customers interactions – acquisition, behaviour and conversion – or put simply how your customers find your business online, what they do on your website, and how + when they purchase your products and service.

The reason I am a big fan of Google Analytics is that it makes tracking your customer data easier than ever, so you can understand your customers so much better. And in turn, market directly to your niche, talk about their pain points, and how your products and services can fix that problem. This way your audience is SUPER excited to buy your offering.

In contrast, it’s is hard to measure data for offline marketing unless talking or surveying your customers in person. Event then there may be issues on survey answers due to customers not sharing their true thoughts in case they offend you.

But online (and thanks to Google Analytics) it’s much easier to track your website’s visitation and sales process. Allowing you to dive deep into who your target market are, what they want, and how you can help them further. Ahhh, the beauty of data!

8 Lessons from My First Year In Business

Create marketing goals

Now that you know where how to track this data and why it’s important, what do you do next?

Go back to your marketing goals and ask yourself what you want to achieve by having a website? Is it that you want to make 10 sales this month? Or you want 50 people to read your new blog post, and 10 of them leave a comment or share it. You can track this on Google Analytics.

Whatever business goal you have, start tracking it using this tool. From here you’ll be able to understand your customers better and adjust your marketing strategy on other online platforms ( like social media, business listings etc.) better or offline marketing strategies (networking, traditional media etc.) to ensure you hit your business goals.

Sales-focussed website

If you’re already hitting your website visitation goals but for some reason it’s just not converting into sales? Consider investing in a copywriter to help with your sales copy on your website.

Another issue could be images? Do you use generic stock images or professionally taken images? Are your images optimised too?

Or perhaps your message on your social media channels is absolutely fantastic but your website itself is not connecting with your audience? For this check out your bounce rate, this will be able to tell you if your page is connecting or not.

If this is an issue your website is currently experiencing, consider hiring a website designer to review your website and fix the areas of it that need a little extra work. It could be as simple as making sure your customers can easily find the information they were looking for on your website.

There are a few simple fixes you can do to your website to improve sales conversions, and I hope this post answered a few of your questions.

Now you know this information, do you know who you are marketing to? Have you created a Google Analytics account for your website? The sooner you set it up, the sooner you an analyse that beautiful data.

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