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I have worked with some amazing clients over the years, and below are links and case studies to each of their website design projects. Review the case studies to inspire your future website design.

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My Clients Are Just Like you

They want more sales, leads and dream clients to find them straight from a google search, with less effort.

To sell their programs & services without feeling aprehensive or embarressed about what their website looked like. And they wanted their clients to see them as the professional and experts that they are. Read about each of my clients stories below and what I did to improve their online presence.

Moody Aesthetic Interiors

The mobile website for Moody Aesthetic Interiors

Moody Aesthetic Interiors is a melbourne-based interior design and family-owned business. Mel brings her love of architecture and design while her husband brings is skills in carpentry and building, to make them the perfect duo for your next renovation.

Pause With Alexis

The mobile website for Pause With Alexis

Alexis has up-leveled and changed her business to include lifestyle coaching to encourage women around the world live their best lives. She has coaching services, online meditation libraries and offers corporate wellness support.

Speak to Sparkle

The mobile website for Speak to Sparkle

Speak to Sparkle is a Melbourne-based speech pathology business wanting to support children with their early development of hearing, speaking, and learning.

Client Testimonial

Agas Plumber Website Project

Dana Robbins, Monty Osteo

“Natalie was excellent to deal with, she took the time to listen to my website ideas and came up with something better than I imagined. I highly recommend Natalie Faith Web Designs.”

Red Roo Australia

Website Design - Agas Plumber, Mornington Peninsula

Red Roo Australia is an online workwear clothing and merchandise store based in sunny Brisbane. It services hardworking tradies, regional workers, corporate & allied health professionals looking for comfortable, safe, custom-designed clothing and promotional products.


Website Design - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

Beingwell inspires people of all ages to make a commitment to healthy and happier living. Located in Prahran, they specialise in a range of health-related services from chriopractic, sports physio, naturopathy, physcology and skincare.


Boss Babes Australia - New website design

DiaperRecycle is a Bcorp organisation wanting to reduce landfill by recycling the plastic from a diaper and turning the other materials into cat litter. To learn more about DiaperRecycle visit their website.

The Results


Hassett have increase their online visibility and are now able to attract more clients and candidates to their business. They’ve hired more staff to cater for the increased interested and expanded their expertises to help more clients and candidates.


Since the redevelopment and launch of the new website, Agas Plumber has noticed that the SEO keywords integrated into the website attracted new clients and boosted his visibility on search engines by 8% shortly after launch, moving him up the rankings in search engines and attracting the kind of clients he wants to work with. This meant we could also reduce his paid advertsing, saving him $400 per month.


After the Boss Babe Australia website launched at the end of June 2021, gained many new clients on the day of her new website launch and multiple email subscribers.


Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats now has a website that best represents her business and has the Italian feel she was after from the start of her business. Trish has praised my skills creating this website for her many times and contacts me whenever she has a question or wants to update her website.

My Business Sherpa

My Business Sherpa - New Website Design

After recently launching his business, James reached out for a website that aligned with his business and his clients to attract business owners who needed coaching to get to the next level of their business.

JLP Learning Designer

JLP Learning Designer Melbourne

JLP Learning Designer, Janine, wanted a website that showcased her unique service offering while also sharing her exploratory blog on all things sustainable, travel and discovery.


Pause with ALexis - Website Updates + Meditation Membership Page

MontyOsteo clinic is a small, private treatment centre located in Montmorency. They provide Osetopathic treatments at the clinic, and an online shop to continue improving your health at home.

Client Testimonial

Agas Plumber Website Project

Grace Daniell, Hassett

“Nat was great to deal with and brought the simple, uncomplicated vision I had for our website redevelopment to life. She is easy to work with and very talented.”

Agas Plumber

Website Design - Agas Plumber, Mornington Peninsula

Agas Plumber is a family-run business on the Mornington Peninsula, who come to me for a webiste redesign to match their new brand styles, increase their online visibility, and assist the community better by adding helpful tools to his website.


Website Design - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

Hassett is a boutique recruitment agency in the iconic Degraves Street in Melbourne. They wanted a fresh new look for their website to match their newly designed marketing material, plus add new images of their team and office on the website too.

Casa Andreoli

Website Design - Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats, Perugia, Italy

Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats are 3 beautiful farmhouse-style accommodations in the heart of Perugia, Italy. The owner Trish, wanted me to bring Italy online via her website to show her audience why they should visit this quintessential Italian Retreat.

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