Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs

Natalie Faith Web Designs create custom websites for small-to-medium businesses who are looking for an on-brand design that shows clients and customers their unique personality and offering.

I create beautiful, simple websites that perform seamlessly across all devices such as mobile, tablets and desktop computers, as well as across different browsers.

If your business is looking to refresh either your website design or boost your visibility on search engines, we can assist you to get your business to where you want it to be.

Natalie Faith Web Designs will provide you with the business development tools you need, so your customers can easily find you online.


I create custom website designs that not only reflect your brand style and personality but are easy for your customers to navigate too. I use tools that encourage your ideal customers to stay on your website longer and direct them to your products or services and other marketing features.


Websites can cost quite a bit, it can be compared to the cost of a small car or an overseas holiday. And that’s probably not far off, but a website is a marketing investment (and tax deductible too remember!), and with a WordPress website you’ll be able to self-manage your website so you can make a change or update, whenever needed.

The best way I can give you an accurate price is by understanding what you want for your website. This is why I created a Client Intake Form, to understand your wants and needs better! When completed I can get you a price to complete your project with a time estimate.


Want to book in?

If you’ve completed the Client Intake Form and can’t wait to start your project with me, check my availability on the calendar below.

Please note, a fee of $50 is required to secure a meeting, but this will be deducted from your final project cost.