How To Increase Your SEO With Images

Have you ever wondered if the images on your website help or hinder your business? I will share with you the top 4 tips that make images good for SEO and for your business’s online presence.

1. High quality images

High-quality images are everything. Nothing looks more dodgy than a pixelated image on someone’s website to promote a product or service.

I’m sure you can remember a time you’ve visited a website and left fairly quickly because the images gave you “a bad vibe”, like your computer will probably catch a virus or something? *insert awkward emoji face*

The feeling you had above is how your customers feel too. Poor images instantly create distrust with your customers.

2. Image Size

Image types that are universally supported are jpeg’s. If you’re not familiar with this file type, do not worry all you need to know is it tends to be a small image size.

I’m personally am not a fan of visiting someone’s website and have to wait for the site to load (blame this on my millennial impatience), I would rather exit and find another site that loads faster.

Image sizes can be blamed for a slow load time. Image file sizes can vary from 100KB to 10MB. This is why it’s important to review image sizes before loading them to your website!

Although, if your website is hosted by WordPress you’ll soon realise you won’t be able to load a file larger then 2MB to your website. Even this max. size is HUGEEE, and will effect load speed!
You want to get your image size down to the smallest size without affecting the quality. A good size is to aim for 800KB, but anything less then 1MB is a win!

3. Original Images

Just like your socials, search engines love authenticity. If you are using images you (or a photographer) has taken you will rank higher in search! This is actually a very recent trend on search engines and it’s to cut down on inauthentic blogs that are solely for gaining rankings on search engines, not useful content.

This is great news for businesses, and bad news for scammers!

4. Naming your images

This one is a goodie! When you upload new images online always remember to rename them from IMG_5549.jpg. This description says nothing to search engines, all they see is a jpg image.

But if you rename it to “Natalie Faith Web Designs – New Website Launch” for example, search engines will read this and link your image with your website and increase your websites rankings.
And if it’s an original image that you or a photographer has taken, then search engines will love you even more (as mentioned above).

Just make sure the new name is relevant to the image or website page it will be presented on. If in doubt, use your business name every time.

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