What Your Website Brand Styles Tell Your Audience

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I want to share with you the reasons why your website needs to show your brand styles and how this can influence your audiences decision-making process.

Why are brand styles on your website so important?

To put it simply, it allows your customers to know more about you and your business before they work with you. It’s helps visitors to your website see if you’re a good fit for their brand. Your online brand is able to tell your website visitors what kind of business you are and how you can help them.

Are you high energy, bubbly, vibrant brand? Or perhaps a calm, relaxed, empathetic brand?

These are two polar opposites when it comes to brand identity, and because of this they both require two very different design styles for their websites.

So how do you portray your businesses brand effectively to your audience?

What do colours tell your customers?

Did you know that colours evoke feelings from your customers? It’s called colour theory, and it has a powerful effect on your target audience.

Red is seen as powerful, exciting and bold. Blue is for a dependable, strong and trustworthy, while yellow means optimism, clarity and warmth.

The brighter the colours used, shows your brands energy and excitement which will be reiterated through your website copy, business values and customer experience.

While if you use soft pastel colours to represent your brand it will show your brand is calm, inviting and considered. This should also be reflected in your website copy, values and customer experience.

Think about what you want your clients to think when they visit your website? What do you want them to associate with your brand? Is your online brand communicating the right message to your audience?

Agas Plumber Website Project

Let your fonts match your personality

Just like colours, your fonts tell a story about your brand too. They give your clients subtle insights into your businesses story, style and personality.

For example, if a business has history or prestige in it’s story, you could use an italic, curled or script font. They are the fonts that look like someone has handwritten the

For a client I used a script font for their website, because it was an accommodation building that had been in the family for centuries. Also being located in the Italian Countryside, where there is still so much history, the font had to match the story my client wanted to tell. I used a script font for this project so visitors to her website knew the business had history and a story before reading any words on her website.

As for a modern businesses, you can use a simple, clear sans serif font (like the font I use on this website). This simple “no fuss” font, doesn’t distract you from the website content.

And finally, if your business is creative or has a big personality you could incorporate a fancier font for particular headings on your website to emphasise a word or section to catch your audiences attention.

Think about these different ways to style your website and what it could say to your audience. What are your brand styles telling your clients and customers?

Is this how you want them to think and feel? And do your website fonts tell your customers the correct story about your business?

Website Style Consistency

This one is super important. Have you have heard the phrase “When you confuse, you lose?”. Donald Miller uses it when talking about marketing. And just like marketing is about sharing the same message with your audience, so it using the same styles consistently across your marketing platforms. This includes your website!

You need to be using the same fonts across all of your marketing communication. Do not use more than 3 fonts on your website, one for your main text, one for your titles, and the third one to emphasise a phrase, heading or something urgent.

Check to see if your font is consistent, online and offline?

The importance of why your website needs to show your brand styles is to create the know, like and trust factor that is hard to earn.Being consistent across your different marketing communications builds trust with your clients so they are confident to work with you.

Clients and customers are motivated by the way they feel when they engage with a brand, and if you can show what that would be like before they engage with you the easier the sale will be for you.

Plus, they’ll also be able to easily identify your brand against your competitors.

Doing some work on your brand can be an invaluable way for your business to connect with it’s clients so they know exactly who you are, what your values are and if they match theirs.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

So, why does your website need to show brand styles? To create trust and connection between your brand and your clients. But even more so this trust and connection turns into more sales for your business.

So now you know this, what do you plan to do for your business? Will you be making changes to your brand styles, or are they speaking to your brand and your ideal clients already?

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