Client: Casa Andreoli

Case study – Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats

Summary of Company

Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats is a three house property located in the Italian countryside of the region Umbria. Located 2 hours from Florence and Rome, Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats provide the prefect getaway while exploring the Italian countryside.

Whether it’s your first trip to Italy and you’re travelling from north to south, or perhaps you’ve travelled to Italy before but wanting to explore a less than travelled-to location. Umbria, and Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats, provides the perfect escape for travellers looking for that authentic Italian holiday.

What Trish wanted:

Purpose of new website

Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats owner Trish, wanted a website refresh, create a design that looked and felt Italian, like the brand, add a personally created logo, increase SEO so customers can find her online, booking ability and more images of the property, surrounds and attractions nearby.


  1. Booking + approve bookings

Trish wanted to allow her customers to see Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats accommodation availability and be able to book directly with with her. Previously she had only a contact form so her guests would have to contact her to request accommodation dates, she;d check her calendar and respond to them with the availabilty. We wanted to simplify this booking process.

In addition, because she’s not always in Italy, she wanted her family and friends in Italy who look after the property to have access to the calendar so they know if/ when a customer will be checking in and checking out.

  1. Branding

Trish wanted to update her websites fonts, colours and logo to reflect her brand and create an Italian esthetic. Trish is an artist and sketched the property and overlapped it over an Italian map. She wanted to add this to the website as her logo.

  1. Images

She also had albums of great photos of her property, the local area and nearby attractions that she wanted to display on her website.

  1. Being found online

As all business owners know, being found online is super important and Trish was equally unsure if she was being found online.


What I did

  1. Adding a calendar to the Booking & Rates page.

We tried and tested many booking platforms, and as great as many are, they were some too complicated for her to use or high cost involved. This was not what either of us wanted. I wanted Trish to feel confident booking clients into her booking system.

So, we decided on finding a simple calendar that she can share availability with her customers and they can contact her to book and pay.

  1. Custom design and branding

As Trish did not have any brand esthetics created we worked together on what the look and feel we should be for the website. We choose italics for title headers and a complementary but “easy-to-read” font for her body font.

We also decided a rich and pale green brought the Italian Countryside feel to the site. We paired this with a pale grey and white to balance and distribute the green evenly, and not to overwhelm the website visitors.

  1. Images

As Trish had a large amount of imagery of her property, the local area and nearby attractions we wanted to display this across her website. We did this by adding slideshows throughout the website so customer felt informed and had a visual reference of what the property and Umbria was like.

The way we displayed this on the website was strategic and each slide had images choosen to inform visitors on the website about a specific topic (e.g. the different properties, attractions, food and wine etc.)


  1. SEO

For this I ensured all images were labeled correctly, text was informative and relevant to each page and added some plugins to her site to further boost her SEO. We also transferred her hosting to a more reliable host that also increases website performance, speed and in-turn SEO.