What is SEO? And How to Grow your Websites SEO in 2024

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This post will answer the age old question of what is search engine optimisation? or SEO for short. I want ot give you an idea of what SEO is and how you can use it to do the marketing for you online so you can focus more time on your business and less on marketing it. I will define what SEO is, and what actions you’ll need to take to make sure your website is optimised and active in search engines.


This is probably the most commonly asked question in the tech industry and a subject that can be confusing to understand at first, especially if your’re new to business.

When actually, it’s quite simple to add to your website and online business. It just hasn’t been explained in a way that all business owners understand. It’s been described by the people who created search engines, the tech experts and nerds of silcon valley.

The truth is it doesn’t have to be this hard, and I will simplify all the tech-speak for you.

So, what is SEO?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is when Google, Bing, or other search engines, reads your website information to understand who you are, what you are sharing online, and when your website should appear in search.

When someone types a keyword or phrase into a search engine, they will respond with a list of websites that include those keywords or phrases. What it does next is rank them in order of relevance and more helpful to the searchers request.

This is why it is important that search engines understand the information on your website. they need to know when to show your website and where it should sit in rankings.

When you’re clear about who you want to attract to your website, you’re able to use those specific keywords in your copy (or words) and in other places on your website so you appear when your audience search for you.

Keywords sound confusing but essentially all they are, are words that describe your business. Each business has a different niche, so use the words your niche use so they can easily find you online.

Search engines aren’t biased, they just have a ranking system that is influence by relevance, popularity and authenticity. And all we can do is keep being clear with our content so search engines know exactly who we are and how we can help our audience, so we’re ranked correctly.

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What can you do to increase SEO?

Here are some actionable tips to get your business started online and create a great SEO foundation that you can build on as your business grows.

1. Use one name across your channels!

This first SEO tip is an important one and unfortunately, I see it most often amongst small to medium businesses. They have 3 or 4 different business name variations online.

Please, please, please only use one business name on all of your online platforms. Use one name and use it everywhere! On your website, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business etc.

Search engines and people alike, need to get familiar with who you are and what your business offers. If you use a different name on different platforms it will confuse your customers and search engines. They won’t be sure if they’ve seen your business before or if it was a totally different company.

When you use one name online it introduces your business to these search engines. The more you use one business name online, the more familiar search engines are with your business name and connect all of your online platforms together and move you up in search. Which is exactly what you want to happen!

2. Visuals

Next tip, is to name your images, video or other media before uploading them to your website. Why? Because search engines will be able to read these image names and you can then appear in image search. Another place your business can be found.

If you leave the generic image name (e.g. IMG_03838269268) it’s wasted SEO. You could rename the image to your business name, what the image is about, or the page where this image will sit on your website. This will help drive traffic to this area of your website.

Make sure your images are optimised, I wrote a whole post on how to optimise your images, so check it out. Image optimisation is one of those areas MANY business owners forget to do. So if you add this to your SEO Strategy your website will be ahead of the rest.

3. Copy

This SEO tip is all about the copy or words you use on your website. As I said earlier, search engines can read your website. Not just the code, but pages and copy too.

This is why it is so important to use a consistent name and use your keywords in your website pages. Especially the top 2 paragraphs.

This area is shown to your audience in search as an excerpt. This area should pique your audience interest and get them clicking on your website.

The more a search engine understands what your website can do for your audience, the better it can match your website with someone searching for your goods and services. Bringing you closer to the top of the search results.

4. Brand Styles

Although this is not seen as a typical SEO strategy it is important to mention it. If you want to become part of the popular group in search you need your target audience and clients visiting your website frequently and for long periods of time.

This signals to search engines that your website has great content for people searching for your keywords. therefore search engines will rank you higher.

If you’re not sure what I mean by brand styles, I wrote a post on this too that you’ll find useful.

To recap, SEO is your way of telling search engines what your business does and how it can help your audience.

You can do this by using one business name, optimised images with relevant names and using words that describe your business on your website, and having a beautifully-styled website. If you do all this, you will see an increase in how many customers are finding you online. Remember to track this on Google Analytics, so you can see the before and after results.

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