Do You Know Who You’re Marketing To?

So you started a business, and you know who your ideal customers are, but are they who your selling your product and service too? And more so, how do you know where to find this information?

Just like on Instagram and Facebook, your website can track business data and information. You may have heard of it? It’s call Google Analytics.

If you haven’t, do not worry, you can go over to Google Analytics and get set up. If your freaked out about trying to do this, talk to a website developer (or a tech-smart friend) they’ll be able to set this up for you – I do for my clients!

Once it’s set up, your website developer can install the code needed to track your website data so both your website and Google Analytics are talking to each other.

 Why is it important to track this data?

Your able to understand your target market, or website visitors, better.

In marketing it’s great to understand how your customers purchase from you. This purchasing or sales process has three stages that describe your customers interactions – acquisition, behaviour and conversion – or put simply how they discover you, what they do on your website, and how + when they purchase your products and service.

The reason I am a big fan of Google Analytics is that it makes tracking your customer data easier than ever, so you can understand your customers sooo much better. And in turn, niche your product and service offering to be something they are SUPER excited to buy your offering.

In contrast, it’s is hard to measure this data for offline marketing because you don’t have a reliable way to track it, other than asking direct questions from your audience.

But online (and thanks to Google Analytics) it’s much easier to track the visitation and sales process. Allowing you to dive deep into who your target market are and what they want. Ahhh, the beauty of data!

What to do next?

Now that you know where to go and why it’s important, what do you do next?

Go back to your marketing goals and ask yourself what you want to achieve by having a website?

Is it you want to make 3 sales a month? Or it could be I want 20 people to read my blog posts and write a comment. You can track this on Google Analytics.

Whatever business goal you have start tracking it using this tool. From here you’ll be able to adjust your marketing efforts on other online platforms (social media, business listings etc.) or offline marketing strategies (networking, traditional media etc.) to ensure you hit your business goals.

You may even find out, your already smashing your visitation goals but not converting sales, so instead of one of the activities mentioned above you could invest in new copy for your website or upgrade your website itself so your customers can easily find the information they were looking for on your website when they clicked on it.

There are a few simple fixes you can do to your website to improve sale conversions, but I’ll cover that in a future post.

If you found this information interesting please leave me a comment or join me on Instagram for more online marketing insights!


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