Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic

Montmorency Osteopathic is a beautiful little private clinic located in on the leaft streets of Montmorency. It speciliases in treating bodily aches and pains, and has an on-site, plus online store, where you can purchase items that will make you feel better from home.

Project Launched: December 2022

Project Requirements: Design, On-Page SEO, and E-Commerce

Montmorency Osteopathic wanted a website that able to adapt to her business as it grew and changed.

Project Overview

Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic wanted a website that able to adapt to her business as it grew and changed.

Key Themes And Styles

New Brand Styles & Website Refresh

The Monty Osteopathy had an idea of the colours & images they wanted to be present throughout the design and shared this content with me to use. They used soft pinks and peaches to attract women and show that its a soft and warming space.

New Images & Icons

Dana had two photoshoots prior to engaging with me so I had imagery that were of Dana herself and of her at work so a range of images can show her future clients what to expect prior to engaging with her. We also used icons to describe the types of servcies they offer their clients.

E-commerce + Product Display

Dana wanted to display the many complimentary products she offers to her clients to be available online for them to purchase post-consultation or if they wanted to view products prior to coming for a consult to purchase at the clinic.

Buttons & Calls to Action

Dana wanted to make it easy for her clients (new & current) to book a consult with her, or one of her staff at the Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic.

And another call-to-action that encouraged website visitors to go to their online store, view their products and buy them online.


Website Design - Mood board - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

What I Did

1. Development

I created an open & engaging design that was clean layout and kept navigation obvious. I built Dana’s new website on WordPress as its able to adapt to her business as it changes and grows.

I built her new website behind a “Coming Soon” page allowing Dana the opportunity to review the updates in her website design while still getting leads and client bookings while the website is being built.

We used WooCommerce for her online store so she was able to take payments direct to her account from PayPal, Stripe, GPay, ApplePay or EFT.

Once launched, I trained Dana how to use their new WordPress CMS and the Divi theme.

2. Apply Branding

The Monty Osteo needed some identifiable font & colour styles for their website and soft, warm pinks and peaches were used to create a warm and engaging brand style for their marketing.

3. SEO Boost

With this design layout and using keywords specific for Monty Osteo we initally focused on-page SEO and getting the foundations right and then once launched we added the technical SEO elements to appease Google.

4. Features

We integrated Monty Osteo’s other marketing platforms like email and Instgram to the website so new visitors coming from search can choose a marketing platform that they can keep up to date on Monty Osteo’s updates.

They wanted to promote these products on social media & allow their audience to buy from the posts via their website.

The Results

Website Design - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

Dana loved the outcome of her website and had minimal edits from inital design to going live. This meant her website was able to go live within in 4 weeks.


Dana felt confident to make updates to her website, using WordPress and the divi theme to make updates.


Gets an average of one hundred (100) clicks each month to their website.


Feels confident to market her business now she has a website that looks professional, and represents her brand well online. 


“Natalie was excellent to deal with, she took the time to listen to my website ideas and came up with something better than I imagined. I highly recommend Natalie Faith Web Designs.”

Dana Robbins, Monty Osteo Clinic

Website Design - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

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