Red Roo Australia

Red Roo Australia is an online workwear clothing and merchandise store based in sunny Brisbane. It services hardworking tradies, regional workers, corporate & allied health professionals looking for comfortable, safe, custom-designed clothing and promotional products.

Project Launched: February 2021

Project Requirements: Design, On-Page SEO & Increase Sales

Natalie Faith Web Designs - SEO & Website Client, Red Roo Australia

Project Overview

Red Roo Australia approached me to update their website with their new bold branding, add new ecommerce features and SEO strategies to the new website.

Key Themes And Styles

New Brand Styles + Website Refresh

The Red Roo Australia Team had a recent brand refresh and wanted this to be reflected online. They had developed big, bold brand styles to make them stand out from their competitors.

New Images + Icons

Although Red Roo Australia already had some images that showcased their products, we sources some high resolution images for their front slider, webpages + products. 

We also used icons to discribe the types of servcies they offer their clients. these were custom designed by the Red Roo Australia team.

E-commerce + Menu Display

Red Roo Australia had a vision for their website menu + online store display.

As they have many products they wanted to display and share with their audience, they wanted to find an easy way to display this content.

Calls to Action + Marketing

They wanted to make it easy for their audience to buy their products and connect with them on social media + purchase items from social media.


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What I Did

1. Development

I created a bold yet simple, easy-to-navigate layout for the Red Roo Australia team that allowed their brand personality + styles clear to their audience and attract a younger demographic with their redesign.

Their website was already using WordPress so I created a test version to build their new website while keeping their current website live. Then during launch week we hid the website behind a “coming Soon” page and transferred their new website design across. This allowed the Red Roo Australia team to test the new website before going live. I trained the team on how to use their new WordPress CMS + how to update their website content.

2. Apply Branding

Red Roo Australia went through a bold re-brand and created marketing collateral with these styles, so creating a website design concept was easy to develop.

I designed a layout that showed their information clearly while also looking modern and easy for their audience to use. As their brand colours are black, white and red, my biggest challenge was using these colours without creating a design that would overwhelm their audience.

3. SEO Boost

I’ve worked with Red Roo Australia on SEO Strategies prior to engaging with them for their Website Design, so we had a good SEO base before starting the website design. With this design the main areas i needed to focus on was the fresh content and webpages, applying on-page + technical SEO to their new website design.

4. Features

Red Roo Australia made it clear they wanted email marketing integrated into their website, their Instgram feed to encourage click-throughs and new followers. They always wanted to allow their audience to buy their products on social media by creating a product feed link between their social media and their website.

All of these startegies allow their audience to connect with them easily, while being able to purchase their products not matter which platform their audience are using.

It also allows Red Roo Australia the ability to remind their audience of the products and services they provide and encourage new + repeat sales from their audience.

The Results

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They feel proud sharing their website with their dream audience and receieved lots of compliments and positive reviews from their audience regarding their new website.


Red Roo Australia are now receiving sales from their Facebook & Instagram pages. 


Gain 1,000+ views each month to their website and online store.


This has resulted in many online sales and allowed them to pivot their business offering to better serve their desired audience.


Very happy with how the website has come together – it looks so much better.

Jeni O’Brien, Red Roo Australia

The website is A-MAZING! It is exactly as I had envisioned, you did an amazing job thank you!

Jess George, Red Roo Australia

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