JLP Learning Designer

JLP Learning Designer is a creative learning design business, with a collaborative approach to her work. Her expertise lies in experiential blended learning, combining online learning with supportive resources and interactive activities.

Project Launched: November 2020

Project Requirements: Design, On-Page SEO & Brand Awareness

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Project Overview

JLP Learning Designer wanted a website that would show businesses looking to educate their staff, their expertise and approach to learning design.

Key Themes And Styles

New Brand Styles & Website Refresh

Janine L Phillips had brand colours selected and wanted an additional colour to be added to the palette to add contrast & impact.

New Images & Icons

Janine from JLP Learning Designer sourced some images, which gave me a good idea the direction and aesthetic she was wanting for her website.

Buttons & Calls to Action

The purpose of the website is to connect with her audience and potensial leads, show them the client projects she’s worked on, and see her approach to developing learning design systems. 


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What I Did

1. Development

I created a simple, easy-to-navigate layout for JLP Learning Designer that had a clear theme of eductaion and creativity. This allowed the webiste content to be front and center to attract a corporate client.

I created the new website using WordPress and creating a custom “Coming Soon” page while I worked in the background and JLP Learning Designer able to attract clients. I trained Janine, the owner, how to use, edit and update their new website going forward.

2. Apply Branding

JLP Learning Designer already had an idea of the brand styles she wanted and so we collatorated to elevate them so there was a memorable theme.

I put togetehr a brand style guide for Janine the icons, fonts and HEX colours, so all of her marketing collateral (created on Canva) will be the exact same as her website so it’s consistent and aligned.

3. SEO Boost

When building the website design into WrdPress I structured her website in an SEO effective layout so the on-page SEO elements were covered, and implemented the basic technical SEO elements prior to launch.

After launching JLP Learning Designer website I shared with Janine the easy-to-action Off-page SEO tasks that would allow her website to gain visibility in search results.

And we’ve been working together post-launch on the technical aspects of SEO as and when Google’s algorithm changes.

The Results

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She attracted contracts with dream high-end clients within 6 months of launching her website


Receieved lots of clicks, compliments and positive reviews from their community regarding their beautiful new website.


Get a regular 100+ clicks each month to their website.


Feels more professional and confident in her business now that she has an online location


“Thank you Natalie. You have made such a difference to my little business and blog website – as well as helping me set up a beautiful shop page for my book and a subscription offer.


Not only are you talented, patient and supportive, but you just get it done! You’re available when I need you and you communicate regularly.


It’s such a pleasure working with you and I really look forward to continuing our work together in the new year.”

Janine L Philips, JLP Learning Designer & Miss Meaningful

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