3 Key Elements You Need On Your Website To Get Your Audience’s Attention

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Brand Styles, Business Development, SEO Marketing

When it comes to being online it can be hard to stay relevant and be new and shiny like the ever evolving competition that keeps beating you in the search results. So let me share with you three key elements you need on your website to get your audiences attention that if you implement today, you will gain your more clicks and traffic to your website.

Using the same brand styles across all your marketing channels

Some of your audience may follow you on a social media channel but if they go to your website and it doesn’t look the same or have the same feel to it, they will instantly jump off for fear they’ve accidentally clicked on the wrong or spam website with a similar name.

This is why consistency from brand styles to voice and tone makes all the difference. It establishes trust, familiarity, and allows them to comfortably explore your website offerings, blogs, and services. Here’s how to create a moodboard for your new website. 

This image is of a website design project I did with Melbourne-based health and wellness business, Beingwell Healthcare Clinic. Their brand colours were reflected throughout their website, social media channels, and email marketing.

Researching keywords that your audience are using that your competitors aren't

Keyword research can be a tricky thing to understand when your first start building a business online. Already you have 1001 tasks that every business owner and their coach is saying you need to have actioned yesterday and now you have to work out how to make get search engines to notice your website too!

Fear not it’s not as hard as what the industry has been telling. The truth is some of the things that get you noticed online are very easy once you’ve taken away the jargon and translated it into a language you understand. there are many platforms that can show you what keywords you ranking under – like Google Analytics; and a website that can provide a mountain of keywords for you to use – like Keyword Planner. The tricky part is making the time to use these platforms, understanding what to do to get thousands of keywords, and where you need to put them on your website and other online platforms on a consistent basis.

How to know if your SEO Strategy is attracting new visitors to your website (and what to do if it’s not) - five tips from an SEO expert.

A strategically designed website that not only looks good but is user-friendly and intuative for your audience

I find most businesses owners are small usually sole traders and very few have design or website strategy experience but when it comes to their website being built the design feels personal like its an extension of them so they usually don’t think about how their audience, clients or customers are going to be using it. This is a mistake.

In the words of the owners of Frank Green, a well-known reusable drinks company from Melbourne, Australia “good design goes beyond looking good”, and this is a philosophy that I take into my design work every day.

Because not only should a website visually look good, be engaging, and pique the interest of your audience, but it should also allow them to easily find what they’re looking for, be able to book a time with you, find your amazing products and offerings or contact you if that’s something you provide.

A website should always make working with you seamlessly easy from the design, to the accessibility. If you’re not doing this and making it difficult for your audience to find the work you’ve produced, jump through hoops to purchase a product and take a 20-step cart payment process.

That means one thing, it’s time to do an audit on your website and understand how to make this experience better for your audience (who by the way, REALLY want to work with you!).

How to know if your SEO Strategy is attracting new visitors to your website (and what to do if it’s not) - five tips from an SEO expert.

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