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A Brand Worth Sharing

Do you want to confidently sell your programs and services online, with an awesome website that looks professional, showcases your speciality and helps your business grow?

A Brand Worth Sharing, Website Redesign Services

After working together…

You will feel excited to sell your services and programs on your newly launched website, allowing you to gain leads and sales easily, because you have a brand-aligned website that truly represents your business online and attracts your dream clients from more than just your social media channels.

Can You Relate To this…


Do you feel awkward and embarrassed by your current website that you actively avoid sharing it with people who want to work with you?


Have you already invested money in a new website and the end result wasn’t what you wanted? In fact, you’re really disappointed, and ripped off because the person who designed it for you doesn’t seem to care.


You try to fix your website, but it’s become incredibly frustrating because you’ve spent hours on a small change, because you’re not quite sure what to do, and now your website looks worse than when you started?


You wish your online marketing could be better so more clients could find you, but instead you’re spending most days on social media frantically posting, filming reels and stories, while sending dm’s to increase sales for your business.

Client Testimonial

Website Design - Hassett Recruitment Agency Melbourne

Grace Daniell, Hassett

“Nat was great to deal with and brought the simple, uncomplicated, vision I had for our website redevelopment to life. She is easy to work with and very talented”

Imagine if…

instead of feeling embarrassed to send your clients to your website to buy or book your offering, you felt confident and excited?

instead of feeling stuck and frustrated with your current website, you felt excited, motivated, and proud of your website?

instead of spending your days directly messaging potential clients on socials to drum up sales, to motivated clients seeking you out to book your services, buy your ebooks and join your online courses.

instead of wasting time doubting yourself and stressing if you’ve got the right styles for your website, what if you worked with an experienced website designer who could make your vision come to life, supported your business ideas and created the website you’ve been dreaming of, with zero of the stress.

Introducing “A Brand Worth Sharing”

A collaborative website service that will provide you the confidence to attract your dream audience online with ease.

I prepare, design, build and provide post-launch care, so your ideas not only become a reality but feel a part of the website design process.


A collective workspace where we can share ideas and bring your brand vision to life.


A test website so you can see your website being built and test the links and buttons in real time


A series of short, instructional videos that explain how to edit and update your website step-by-step


A weekly 30-minute Zoom call, including post launch to ensure your website is being found by your clients and on Google

And of course, you’re always welcome to contact me if you need help with anything website related.

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.
Client Testimonial

Natalie Faith Web Designs - SEO & Website Client, Studio Create
Tracey Smith, Studio Create

I just had my first web design meeting with Natalie. She is sooooo LOVELY! and completely knowledgeable. We instantly clicked, and she “got” what my needs were. She came to me, met me on my terms, and was eager from the first minute we met to help.

She’s approachable, easy to chat with and went away with a plan to assist my needs. I cannot recommend highly enough.

The Outline 

I’ve created an organised and creative process so your ideas and my skills create a successful website for your business.

Get Clear

I provide an organised and structured process to extract your ideas, inspiration and website content, so both you and I are clear on your new website design, before any work starts.

Have Your Say

This is where the fun begins. The wireframe, website design, creative stage is a combination of my expertise and your ideas + feedback. When you’re happy with the design, I will start making it a reality.


See Your Vision

See your design come to life on a cloud-based platform. You’ll be able to see how your website will look live and provide feedback. Once complete, it will go live so you can share it with your online community, friends, and family.

Be Confident

Launching a new website can feel overwhelming, so I am here whenever you need me. I’ll guide you through your new website, show you how to use it, and follow up post-launch to make sure you’re feeling 100% confident.

A brand worth sharing includes your ideas on your website, and you end up with a website that not only looks good but performs well in search engines too.

Client Testimonial

Website Design - Agas Plumber, Mornington Peninsula

Geoff Ralphs, Agas Plumber

Thanks to Natalie I now have a great website. She is very creative, she listens and knows her stuff. Don’t take my word for it take a look – it’s awesome!”

This is for you if…

You’re over feeling embarrassed about your current website, and you want to confidently share it with your audience online and attract more clients + sales. 

You don’t want to work with unmotivated, disinterested website designers who only care about making the sale, and want to work with someone who cares about your business, your mission and will support you through the website design & build process from before the project starts to after it’s launched to ensure the end result is what YOU wanted.

You have a poorly designed website that doesn’t match the level your business is at, nor piques your audiences’ interest, and instead you want your audience to be as in love with your website, services and other offerings as much as you are.

You’re put off by the technical jargon and confusing information about what is needed to create a strong presence online, and would like someone to answer your questions and take on your feedback during all phases of the project, and even after your website is live.

You’re ready to make the investment for your business, and you’re excited for your website to give you the results you’ve been dreaming of, with an increase in your ideal clients visiting, plus an increase in sales, and service bookings.

A Brand Worth Sharing will help you to…


Get clear on what you want your website to look, feel and do for your business so you can fulfil your goals and mission.


Design the dreamy website you’ve always wanted, including your ideas & feedback in the creative process so your vision for your brand can come to life. 


See your website design come to life, by giving you access during the project to your test website platform so you can see your website progress.


Be found online by your ideal future clients with my SEO strategies weaved throughout your website design so you’re found in Google and other search engines from launch and into the future.


Navigate and assist you through the technical side of websites, by providing domain, hosting, and launch support.


Take the stress out of launching your website and building your online presence so you can finally feel proud to share your new website and tick it off your to-do list.


Feel confident about editing and updating your website and online presence as your business develops and changes.


Enjoy watching your business grow as dreamy clients become attracted to your new online presence, and find you easily through multiple online sources.

Once complete…


You’ll have a website you’re proud of that you want to share with your online community, friends, family and anyone you meet, because it’s exactly what you imagined it would be.


You’ll be able to effortlessly sell your services, online programs and other offerings because you’ve created a custom corner of the internet that effortlessly attracts your dream clients.


You’ll see results from your investment shortly after launch, with more website visitors, an increase in sales and more enquiries from dream clients, because you’re now being seen as the expert you’ve always been.


And, you’ll always feel supported, heard, and not afraid of having an online presence, because now you know how to use your website, gain SEO and have an expert on hand to support you and answer any of your questions.

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.
Client Testimonial

Website Design - Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats, Perugia, Italy

Trish Andreoli, Casa Andreoli Holiday Retreats

Natalie helped me to get clarity around my website SEO, setting me up for success. After she completed the work she gave me detailed report on specifically what work she did, helped me with keywords and made sure all my online google accounts were set up properly to track my websites results. I was blown away to also receive a detailed report of ideas for how I could continue the SEO work myself in future! Highly recommend Natalie’s work!”

Website Design Pricing

I have two (2) website design options that will help your business grow online. Select one of these options using the buttons below & reserve a date for us to discuss your new website project. Payment required upon commencement of agreed project plan.

Bold Brand

For 5 pages

  • Ongoing Website Zoom Meetings
  • Pre-Website Design Analysis & Set-up
  • Wireframe & Map Your New Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • SEO, Platform Integrations & Technical Set-up
  • Learn how to use your Website


+$500 per additional page

Ambitious Achiever

Up to 15 pages

  • Ongoing Website Zoom Meetings
  • Pre-Website Design Analysis & Set-up
  • Wireframe & Map Your New Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • SEO, Platform Integrations & Technical Set-up
  • Learn how to use your Website


+$500 per additional page

I totally get it…

I know you’re a hard-working, ambitious business owner looking to attract more amazing clients online but the last couple of years have flown by and your website no longer represents you as the incredible business owner you are.

Many clients come to me asking for a “professional” website, because their current website isn’t attracting their dream clients, in fact they don’t like how their website looks at all (and some would hide it from clients because they felt embarrassed by it), stopping them from launching ebooks, promoting their services and creating other online resources.

I want you to feel like my clients when their new website is live. To be seen as an expert in your industry, worth the investment, and for you to feel excited to create new products and services and confidently share your website with your future clients.

I know you have some incredible ideas for your business to help your audience grow and I want to encourage you get online and infront of your wonderful online community.

Are you ready to be seen as the expert in your industry?

Confidently share your new services and programs, and take your online presence from lost to found online, I can help.

Growing your presence online has never been easier.

Invest in yourself and your business from as little as 6 weeks, and $2,400.
Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

What I get asked often by clients…

I've worked with website designers in the past and had a bad experience. How do I know if you’re right for my business?

I understand, so many of my clients have told me awful stories of past experiences with website designers or SEO experts and it’s always upsetting to hear that you’ve been over charged or they simply didn’t care about the project, and only cared about the paycheck.

For this reason, I want every client to have a high-level of customer service from before the project commences to well after it’s over. I want you to feel comfortable to share your ideas, feel listened to and supported, so you have a positive experience getting your new website.

Read what my clients shared about their experience working with me.

What if I need more pages added to my website during the project, then the original quote?

Not a problem, I charge $500 per additional webpage. This charge/s will be added to your final invoice at the end of the project.

Have the content ready for your new webpage, so your website launch isn’t delayed. – I want people finding your business online ASAP, so they can learn, buy & book from you.

If the webpage content needs time to create, we can add this new page to your website in the future. Simply contact me when you’re ready for the new page to go live.

Do you have payment plans?

At this moment in time, I don’t have a payment plan.

I do break my invoices up for new website projects. This is what my payment structure looks like: 1st payment of 25% to start the project, 2nd payment of 25% once the design is complete, 2nd payment of 25% halfway through the project, and the final 25% once your website is complete.

What if don’t have the money to continue the project halfway through?

We live in uncertain times & I understand money flow for new and small businesses can be unpredictable. If you are unable to pay an invoice, your website project will be paused until you’re able to.

Once paid your project will commence once again.

Will you show me how to edit my website? I want it to stay up to date + post blogs, but don’t know how to.

Yes, of course. Once your website is complete I’ll show you how to use your new website. Plus, how to view your website analytics & statistics and how to edit images and text on your website so it stays up to date.

I customise educational videos to your specific website & needs. This way you can feel confident in how to use your website.

Can you help update my website in the future?

That’s not a problem, I can definitely help you with this.

I have a few clients who are either not confident with technical website updates or simply don’t have the time to update their website, and that’s where I can help update their website for them.

This is a service I provide for existing clients only. An hourly fee applies for these services.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answers? Send me your question, I’d be happy to answer it for you.

Client Testimonial

Natalie Faith Web Designs - SEO & Website Client, Lakes Music

Aidan Waszaj, Lakes Music

Natalie is a thoroughly professional web developer with an intuitive know-how when it comes to customer needs, and brilliantly articulating the service offerings of a business. My business has benefitted from her knowledge, expertise and insights for all of our web design and management services. Thanks for your great work Natalie!

Natalie Faith Web Designs - Website Design, SEO and Optimisation Blog Posts

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