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I’ve created some free and affordable resources for small business owners who want to attract new sales from google easier. These resources are ideal for those who have the time, but no money to improve in their website’s visibility.

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Website Design Checklist

The Website Design Checklist was created for new business owners looking to begin the website design process.

This guide will get you organised and ready for your new webiste so it’s design and set up correctly from the start.

$ 5

The Essential SEO Blog Blueprint

The Essential SEO Blog Blueprint was created so you can increase the SEO on your beautifully crafted blog posts by optimising every single element.

This guide will walk you through how to optimise your titles, content, and other little tips to gain double the amount of views, without the need of an SEO Expert.

$ 49

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Will this ebook show me how to gain SEO for my website?

This ebook gives you the knowledge you need on how search engines work so you can gain SEO on your blog posts and for your website.

Does this ebook gain SEO for my website forever?

With the knowledge and strategies I share in The Essential SEO Blog Blueprint you will be able to gain SEO for your blog & website from the day you implement them, and into the future.

I'm not a "technical" person, is this ebook suited to me?

This ebook will teach you how to gain seo the non-technical way. If you know how to update your website words + images, you’ll be able to gain SEO for your webiste easily.

If you don’t feel confident doing this I can help you with my SEO Strategy Package, read more about it here.

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