The DIY Website Design Checklist

$ 5

The Website Design Checklist was created for new business owners looking to begin the website design process.

This guide will get you organised and ready for your new webiste so it’s design and set up correctly from the start.

This is my 4-page DIY website design checklist that I use when creating my clients webiste and now I am sharing it with you so even if you have $10 in the bank and want to laucnh your new website this is very possible for you.

So if you're planning on designing a beautiful website for your first website, or maybe you're looking to hire someone to help you but are unsure what you need to prepare before you start this process...

Then my 25-question checklist will allow you to understand your website goals, layout and the design you want for your website. It steps you through what website content is required for a great website. It touches on who your audience is and what your keywords are that need to be targeted within your website.

And of course, the other bits & pieces that are often forgotten until your website goes live like your email marketing, social media links and connecting your website to Google. Let's make sure they're all linked and integrated when you're ready to launch.