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Have the confidence to sell your incredible services and programs online, and easily attract your dream clients to learn, book and buy from you.

What Can A Great Website Do For Your Business?

I know that you want to confidently sell your services and programs online without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or even embarrassed about how your website looks.

Imagine you have a website that represents your business online to a T. It has all the styles you like, it hits your business goals and integrates seamlessly with your online marketing platforms. Most of all, it attracts your ideal audience and generates sales for your business.

And what if your website turned non-committal browsers into raving fans, become loyal clients, and brand champions? And you earn with ease, and have more time for other activities, because your website is helping you with your online marketing.

An image of the new Al-Anon Family Groups Website on an ipad and mobile.


Website Design, User-Experience & SEO Development

A Brand Worth Sharing is my website design service for your new website, so you can start attracting great clients from launch day. I’ll not only create a new website for you, but I’ll also do all the SEO and technical tasks for you so your website is off to the best start in search once launched.

SEO Strategy & Website Optimisation

My SEO Strategy Session audits your website, I do the technical work to increase your SEO and website speed or visuals while providing you with SEO strategies and knowledge on how you can continue optimising your website from that day onwards.

Website Safety & Security Audit

With hacking on the rise from small platforms to larger ones like Medibank or Optus, make sure your website doesn’t become one of them. This audit reviews where your website may have weaknesses, and finds solutions plus keeps a close eye on these issues to ensure hackers don’t stand a chance.

Hi I’m Natalie!

If you want to share your services online, launch new programs and book clients with confidence and ease, then you’re in the right place.

I know you’re a hard-working, ambitious business owner looking to attract more amazing clients online but the last couple of years have flown by and your website no longer represents you as the incredible business owner you are.

Many clients come to me asking for a “professional” website, because their current website isn’t attracting their dream clients. In fact some don’t like how their website looks at all (and have hidden it because they felt embarrassed by how it looks). They told me it’s stopped them from confidently launching ebooks, promoting their services and creating other useful online resources.

I want you to feel like my clients after their new website is live. To be seen as an expert in your industry, see the value in investing, and to feel excited and energised to create new products and services for your audience, and you’ll actually want to share your website with your future clients.

I know you have some incredible ideas for your business that will help your community. I want to encourage you online, make your ideas a reality and put them in front of your dream clients.

If this is you, book in a time for us to talk about your ideas and how I can get your website looking how you imagined.

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

Just like my clients, I want you to feel comfortable online and confidently sell your programs and services online. Meet Janel, she wanted more of her beautiful clients to find her from Google, purchase her incredible journal & transformational services.

Janel Briggs, Mindset & Business Coach

“Natalie helped me to get clarity around my website SEO, setting me up for success. After she completed the work she gave me detailed report on specifically what work she did, helped me with keywords and made sure all my online google accounts were set up properly to track my websites results. I was blown away to also receive a detailed report of ideas for how I could continue the SEO work myself in future! Highly recommend Natalie’s work!”

You can read more reviews like this on my Google Reviews page. You can also read how I helped transform my clients online presence, by reading their case studies.

Natalie Faith Web Designs has worked with many wonderful clients to improve their online presence,  SEO, and connect their offline brand with thier online presence. These are some of my most recently completed projects.

Boss Babes Australia - New website design

Monty Osteo

Montmorency Osteopathic clinic is a small, private treatment space located. It is a space where you can seek treatment for your aches and pains or purchase health-recommended items from their online store.

Beingwell is is a health clinic in Melbourne’s South, that has 3 locations in Prahran, Malvern and Highett. They offer a range or services from psycology to chriopractic and offer beauty treats and infrared saunas on-site. Read more about their website redevelopment in their case study.

JLP Learning Designer Melbourne

Janine L Phillips is a Learning & Online Course Designer from Melbourne who develops corporate and SME online learning content that is fun and engaging. See how we made this come through on her own website too.

Agas Plumber Website Project

Red Roo Australia is small online business on from sunny Brisbane. They make it easy for tradies and corporate businesses to buy and customise their work uniforms and promotional products.

I’ve created an organised and creative process so your ideas and my skills create a successful website for your business.

Get Clear

I provide an organised and structured process to extract your ideas, inspiration and website content, so both you and I are clear on your new website design, before any work starts.

Have Your Say

This is where the fun begins. The wireframe, website design, creative stage is a combination of my expertise and your ideas + feedback. When you’re happy with the design, I will start making it a reality. 

See Your Vision

See your design come to life on a cloud-based platform. You’ll be able to see how your website will look live and provide feedback. Once complete, it will go live so you can share it with your online community, friends, and family.

Be Confident

Launching a new website can feel overwhelming, so I am here whenever you need me. I’ll guide you through your new website, show you how to use it, and follow up post-launch to make sure you’re feeling 100% confident.

Want to book in a time to discuss the ideas you have for your new website?

If you have some great ideas for your business that you want to show on your website, book a time for us to talk.

I want to introduce you to Alexis, she is a down-to-earth meditation teacher who shares are experience of bringing meditation to her life and how you can add it to your day (no beach or mountain rock needed). View her Online Pause Meditation Resources.

Alexis Guttridge, Pause With Alexis

I have struggled since I started my small business to find a reliable person to help me on the web side of things until I found Natalie that is! She truly listens to what I want but also gives amazing feedback. Natalie is also extremely quick on response time and very reliable at getting the work done in a timely fashion. Highly recommend Natalie and look forward to her now being my go to Website person, without all the stress.”

You can read more reviews like this on my Google Reviews page. You can also read how I helped transform my clients online presence, by reading their case studies.

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