6 Steps to Creating Your Website’s New Moodboard

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Have you ever wondered how to create a moodboard that will help you with your website vision and encourage your creative ideas flowing? I will share with you what you need to do to create a moodboard, the tools that will help you to create it and share with you some great resources to further inspire your creative journey.


1. Where to get started?

Honestly a lot of it is down to research and organisation. From there your ideas and inspiration will get stronger and you’ll be able to visualise how you want your website to look. What do I mean by this?

Your brand styles and aesthetics are here to share a message with your ideal audience, that your just like them and therefore you’re trustworthy. 

For example, the colours you choose communicate a meaning to your audience, from power and strength, to calm and relaxed. Understanding who your audience are and what they like is super important.

If you haven’t thought of this before, consider thinking about your current client-base, are they your ideal clients? Or is there someone else you’d like to attract to your brand? What do they like? What are they draw to? You want your website to attract them like honey to a bee, so it’s time to start researching what they like to do, think and enjoy outside of work.

Also have a think about how you would describe your brand? It is soft, hard, bright, moody, artsy, contemporary etc.


At this stage start researching…


2. What about colours?

Like I mentioned above, a colour can say a thousand words and has the power of attracting your clients and telling them this is the place they should buy, book or use your products & services If you want to check out some colour options, check out these (very fun!) resources.


3. And, Fonts?

Fonts just like colours bring another vibe. They can say your brand is casual and laid back, or corporate and responsible.

Or maybe you already know this and you’ve found a font that’s the one and has the vibe you want to bring to your website?

Great places to find or test fonts are:


What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

4. Create Your Moodboard

So once you’ve gathered all this information… now what do you do?

You want to have all your brand styles and aesthetics in one place that you can go to when you need inspiration, share with a graphic designer, web designer, social media manager or anyone on your team so they know the personality, visuals and styles that influence the brand.

Canva does this super easily for you. Simply go there and select a wide format – a facebook post will do fine. Upload or add your chosen styles into this one page, add images or other items that influenced you too – simply because they usually evoke a feeling or mood to the board.

Why do this?

It’s important, especially these days, that you have something like this set up. In a world of social media feeds and high-volume marketing it is easy to unconsciously copy a brand you admire.

Yes, you get be inspired by other brands and businesses, but this doesn’t mean copying them will get you the same results they have (and especially not in the long term). The negative impacts of this is that yours and their clients may get confused between your brands and end up not buying from either because they’re not sure which brand to trust or which is legitimate.

It’s more important than ever to be a unique, one of a kind, brand with your own authentic style shining through. And when you work with a website designer they can make that happen for you.

Website Design - Mood board - Agas Plumber Mornington Peninsula

5. What website’s speak to you?

I want you to check out your competitors’ websites, the website’s of the people you admire on Instagram, websites that have earned awards for inspiration, and any other websites you come across. Understand what you like and don’t like about their website and take notes.

Website’s I’d recommend you check out are:

This inspiration coupled with your new mood board inspiration you will be gaining more clarity on what you want your new website will look like.

I recommend you create a spreadsheet with a list of the website’s you like and what it was you liked about them, from colour to layout, call buttons, an illustration and anything inbetween. This will also help you get clear on your ideas.

6. Get Organised!

Usually trying to work out what you want for a new website can be super overwhelming, but I hope you’re still having fun and playing around with a few concepts, now you’ve started to narrow it all down.

The more research you do, plus connect frequently with your ideal clients, you will start to see your vision become clearer. By getting organized your ideas can start to become a reality, and soon you’ll be able visualise your new website.

To help with this I want to share with you how. Here are my favorites (and they’re free!):

  • Pinterest – This is where my business vision comes alive. I have a secret board that only I can see, where I save my business ideas, styles, colour palettes and website designs that inspire me. All in the one place that I can scroll through like a beautiful Natalie Faith Web Designs feed.
  • Gdrive – This is also a great space to save your inspiration, your new moodboard, images you want to use on your website, and even copy. And if you’re next level (or a super organized freak like me), you can create files for each topic (e.g. mage file, copy file, brand styles file etc.), ready to upload on to your new website, or to share your overarching file with your website designer.

I hope this blog post was able to help you on your business style and online development journey, so you’re now prepared and excited to start your new website for your wonderful business.

If you need any help creating this wonderful website you’ve been creating, you are more than welcome to contact me,  I’d love to help your business grow online. 

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