If you want to learn a little about me, what inspired me to start my business and how I can help you with your new website design, you’re in the right place.

About Natalie Faith Web Designs
Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

Hi I’m Natalie!

I’m a website designer living in Melbourne between the city & the sea, and I love to help female-led business owners create strong confident brands online.

I believe in helping you to attract your ideal clients online by creating an on-brand, optimised and functional website for your audience to learn, buy and book from you.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much this might cost to fix or redesign your current website? And I totally understand because this is a big investment for your business. It’s investing in how your business looks to your clients & community online. How it markets and attracts new, dreamy clients. How you make their online booking, buying and learning journey effortless.

Being online shouldn’t feel daunting, exhausting or embarrassing. You can feel confident, excited and want to share your website with everyone interested in what you do.

How I got into this industry?

My interest in all things online, websites and SEO started in my early 20’s while completing my studies at Uni. I worked for Visit Victoria, on their website’s online product team for 2 years, uploading tourism operators’ businesses onto the website.

I would advise clients on how to increase their SEO, but also ensure the Visit Victoria website was up to date, and advise the tech or content teams of any issues. A large part of my job was making sure the webiste was looking and functional well for end-users, and still today that’s what I enjoy to do. This is where I cut my teeth, and my love for digital began.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later while travelling around South America, I decided to researched where to study, and all the technical knowledge I needed to learn to design and build websites (fun fact: I now know how to code in HTML, CSS, PHP and a little JS).

Since then, I have helped 18 Australian businesses optimise, update and redesign their websites.

Want to Know More About Me? 

…Here Are Some Fun Facts.


I love to learn and have studied, tourism + marketing, sustainability, wordpress + coding, photography, human-centered design, meditation, visual design and writing.

Both my parents own their own businesses, so for me to start my own business was a natural path to take.

I consume a high amount of audio content (Spotify tracked I’d listened to 2,338 hours of music last year – that’s a lot!), so if you have any audible, podcast or music recommendations, you are always welcome to send me a dm on Instagram. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m working, cooking or on a long walk.

I’ve lived in 3 different countries and worked in 5. I was born in the UK, and moved to Australia at 15, and at 19 moved to the states  to work at Walt Disney World. My quarter life crisis was travelling to Bali & then clockwise around South America with some of my favorite people. This was the trip that started my business. If you have a travel story, please share I love hearing about other peoples trips and new travel destinations.

I contribute 5% of my business earnings towards charities I care about like; Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Melbourne City Mission, and many others.

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

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