About Natalie Faith Web Designs

Why I started & how I can help you

Learn what inspired me to start my website design business and how I can help you with your small business website, and your website seo strategy.

About Natalie Faith Web Designs
Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

Hi I’m Natalie!

I’m a website designer & SEO Strategist from Melbourne, Australia. I help women business owners create strong confident business brands online.

I know you have a strong idea and vision for your business and I want to help you make it become a reality. I want you to attract your dream clients by creating an iconic, one-of-a-kind online brand, super SEO-optimised online presence, positive customer experience, and accessible-friendly website to make it easy for your target audience to learn, book and buy from you.

I’m sure you’re wondering “how much will it cost to fix, or redesign my website?” And I understand why your thinking this because this is a big investment for your business. It will create big changes for your business and it will attract more of your audience then you have previously.

A new website is an investment in how your business is seen by your clients & community online. How and who it will attract online, and how you make their online booking, buying and learning journey an effortless experience for them.

Creating an online space for your business shouldn’t feel daunting, exhausting or embarrassing. You can feel confident about sharing your business website, reduce your emails and admin, and feel proud to share your website with those dream clients who ask you about your business.

How I got into this industry?

My interest in all things online, websites and SEO started in my early 20’s while completing my business degree at University. I was working for Visit Victoria, on their website’s online product team, uploading tourism operators’ businesses onto the website. I was there for 2 years and loved every minute of it.

Every day I’d advise clients on how to increase their SEO, ensure the Visit Victoria website was up to date and functioning well for anyone visiting it, and advise the tech and content teams of any issues. A large part of my job was making sure the website was looking and provided a great experience for visitors to the site, and still today that’s what I enjoy to do. This is where I cut my teeth, and my love for digital began.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later while travelling around South America, I decided to researched where to study, and all the technical knowledge I needed to learn to design and build websites (fun fact: I now know how to code in HTML, CSS, PHP and a little JS).

Since then, I’ve helped 50+ Australian businesses, including some international businesses, optimise, update and redesign their websites.

Want to Know More About Me?

Here Are Some Fun Facts

I’m a life-long learner. I’ve studied, tourism & marketing, sustainability, WordPress development, front-end development (HTML, CSS, PHP and JS code), photography, human-centred design,  visual design, copywriting skills and meditation. And I still have lists of courses I want to learn.

Entrepreneur spirit. Both of my parents own and run their own businesses, so for me to start my own business was a natural path to take. They’ve kindly share their wisedom from years in business with me as my business grows, and vise versa so their businesses stay up to date (especially with their websites and SEO).

Audio lover. I go crazy for a good podcast, music or audio book recommendation. You are instantly my best friend if you send me a recommendation. I listen to audio while working, cooking or on a long walk or drive.

Global citerzen. I’ve lived in 3 different countries and worked in 5 countries. This has shaped who I am, and has also given me a great deal of empthy, compassion and curiousity.

Giving back. I want my business to not only serve women in business, but to also help the wider community who aren’t as privaliged. I contribute a percentage of my business earnings towards Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and hope to increase my donations as my business grows, and expand to other great organisations.

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.

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