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Common questions clients ask me…

Welcome to Natalie Faith Web Designs - A Small Melbourne Business Focussed on Website Design, SEO and Optimisation.
I have worked with website designers in the past and had a bad experience, how do I know if you’re right for my business?

I understand. So many of my clients have told me many awful stories of past experiences with website designers or SEO experts and it’s always upsetting to hear that they’ve over charged you or simply didn’t care about the project, and only cared about the paycheck.

For this reason, I want every client to have a high-level of customer service from before the project commences to well after it’s over. I want you to feel comfortable to share your ideas, feel listened to and supported, so you have a positive experience getting your new website.

Read what my clients shared about their experience working with me.

What if I need more pages added to my website during the project, then the original quote?

Not a problem, I charge $300 per additional webpage. This charge/s will be added to your final invoice at the end of the project.

All I ask is that you have the content for the new webpage ready, so your website launch isn’t delayed. – I want people finding your business online, so they can learn, buy + book your services easily.

If the webpage content needs time to create, we can add this page to your website in the future. Simply contact me when you’re ready for the new page to go live.

Do you have payment plans?

At this moment in time, I don’t have a payment plan.

I do break up my invoices throughout the project though. So payment structure works like this: 1st payment of 50% to start the project, 2nd payment of 25% halfway through the project, and the 3rd + final 25% once your website is complete.

What if don’t have the money to continue the project halfway through?

We live in uncertain times at the moment & I understand money flow can be unpredictable for some. If you are unable to pay the next invoice, your website project will be paused until you’re able to.

Will you show me how to edit my website? I want it to start up to date & post blogs, but don’t know how at the moment.

Yes, of course. Once your website is complete I’ll show you how to use your new website. Plus, how to view your website analytics & statistics and how to edit images and text on your website so it stays up to date.

I customise educational videos to your specific website & needs. This way you can feel confident in how to use your website.

I am not a very technical person, can you help update my website in the future?

That’s not a problem, I can definitely help you with this.

I have a few clients who are either not confident with technical things online, or simply don’t have the time to update their website, so I update their website for them.

This is a service I only provide for existing clients. An hourly fee applies for these services.

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