The Importance of Design, Branding and Personalisation on Your Website

Importance of design, branding and personalisation for your website

What’s makes design, branding and personalisation so important for your website? 

Well, the importance of design, branding and personalisation on your website is to introduce your beautiful business to your audience.

Your customers want to know more about you and your business before working with you. And your online brand is able to tell your customers what kind of business you are and how you can help them. 

Are you high energy, vibrant brand? Or perhaps a calm, empathetic brand?

These are two polar opposites when it comes to brand identity, and because of this they both require two very different designs for their websites. So what are the differences that brands would use?

What do colours tell your customers?

Did you know that colours evoke feelings from your customers? Red is seen as powerful, exciting and bold. Blue is for a dependable, strong and trustworthy brand, while yellow means optimism, clarity and warmth. The bright the colour the more energetic or emphasise on that brand and their values, while you can use soft pastel colours to represent your brand colours the more calm and inviting your brand is.

Think about what you want your clients to think when they visit your website? What do you want them to associate with your brand?

Let your fonts match your personality

Just like colours, your fonts tell a story about your brand too. They give your clients small insights into your businesses story. For example, a business that has history, or prestige in it’s story, you can use an italic or curly, script font. But for a new, modern business, you would use a simple, sans serif font. Have a look at these companies and analyse what they make you think and feel.

So knowing this, what is your brand styles telling your customers? Is this how you want them to think and feel? Does it tell your customers the correct story about your business?


Always use the same fonts across all of your marketing communication. Use no more than 3 fonts, two of which are the most predominant, and the third to emphasise something. Is your font consistently the same, online and offline? Being consistent across your different marketing communications shows your clients a confident brand.

The importance of design, branding and personalisation on your website creates trust, connection and confidence with your future clients. Doing some work on your brand can be invaluable for your business so your clients know exactly who you are, what your values are and if they match theirs.

Clients and customers are motivated by the way they feel when they engage with a brand, and if you can show what that would be like before they engage with you the easier the sale will be for you.

The key take away?

The importance of design, branding and personalisation creates trust and connection with your clients.

So now you know this, what do you plan to do for your business? Will you be making changes to your brand styles, or are they exactly what you thought they’d say to your clients?


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Why I’m Starting My Own Business

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post!

I thought I would begin by explaining what prompted me to start my own business and why web design and digital marketing?

I’m a nerd. I love to learn, and code always seemed to be that one subject that was intriguing but also super intimidating to learn. You have to be super smart to write code and build websites, right?

Well, maybe when it comes to the super complex websites, but learning to code is no harder than learning a language – you don’t even have to know it fluently, you just have to know the basics and build from there.

This is how I started, I learned HTML first, then CSS, next was Javascript, and now I code in PHP too.

Where did this all start? I would have to admit it was MySpace, *cringe*. I remember being 16 and building my profile using lines of code I had learned or copy code from a design I liked. I would customise my page (sometimes weekly) changing the background, my profile picture, adding my new favourite song, adding marquees and even changing the cursor icon.

Six years later, I joined an online product team. I was the go-to person for the tourism community, I upload their business information, give them search engine optimisation tips and tricks, content marketing advice and provide analytics reports. I’m not going to lie, this job piqued my interest in web design …but the thought of me being a coder seemed impossible, and laughed that thought right out of the room.

A year later I became unemployed and decided the best thing to do was to go traveling. I already had friends traveling the world who encouraged me to meet them in Argentina to start a tour of South America. During my time backpacking I become poor, I mean very poor! So I did what all broke backpackers do, worked in my hostel for a free nights accommodation.

My job was to clean the hostel, you know, sweep floors, clean rooms, make beds, that kind of thing. While another backpacker, experienced in web development, earned his money by updating the hostels website. Here I was, breaking my back cleaning this hostel and he did a couple of hours ‘tinkering’ with a website?! This was my motivation. I needed to learn code.

Once arriving back in Australia it took me two years to complete my study of Front-end Web Development and WordPress Development. Once they were completed, I left my job and I decided to start my own business (because who wants to work in an office, when you can work from home? Am I right?).

Now you’re probably thinking I am crazy. Who leaves full-time employment to start their own business, shouldn’t it already be thriving before taking the leap? Yes is the answer to all of those questions! But honestly, I had a now or never moment. Either I would leave my job a start my career in tech, or I would never start and the last two years studying would be for nothing.

Noticing a gap in the market to help small business owners, I wanted to start there. I live in Richmond which is start-up city! I see so my tech companies moving into this suburb and all have a focus on the big brands that are already doing great things, and taking those successful brands further. Now, don’t get me wrong, good on those agencies for working with these amazing brands. They have the flexibility to pick and choose who they want to work with, and some of these brands are names you would be crazy to say no to anyway!

While on the flip side of the coin, no one was paying any attention to the little guys. The small business owners or entrepreneurs, who have big ideas, were being ignored. I want to solve this problem.

By creating a great presence online, it creates that “all important” first impression between a brand and its customers. I want to be able to help the growing community of small business owners and entrepreneurs make an impact on their industry that is meaningful, unforgettable and ever-lasting.

Last month I took that leap to start my business, and I want to encourage others to do the same.