Client: Agas Plumber

About the Client

Agas Plumber is a service-based company which specialises in the repair, replacement, and installation of gas hot water, gas heating and cooling and gas pool and spa appliances on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

What the Client Wanted


Agas Plumber approached Natalie Faith Web Designs to update their website to reflect a recent company re-branding.

1. Call to Action Features

Geoff, the owner of Agas Plumber, expressed the importance of having a “call now” button and a contact form because it was valuable for attracting new enquiries from his customers

2. Website content

Geoff was interested in having a full website content refresh but wanted to keep the summary section on his front page which featured his commonly asked for services.
He also wanted to share new service offerings to his customers, and answer any FAQ’s they may have before they contacted Agas Plumber directly for assistance. This resulted in 4 new pages for the website and 4 new pages of content for his customers.

3. Images

When I reviewed the Agas Plumber website prior to starting work with Geoff, I noticed the images on the front-page slide show needed an update. We agreed to increase the number of slides to reflect his most asked after services, so his customers will know what services he offers.
I sourced 5 images that were relevant and appealing to his target market and added SEO tags to improve Agas Plumber’s visibility on search engines.
Lastly, Geoff wanted to keep a headshot of himself on his about page. He expressed how customers recognised him by this photo when he arrived for a customer appointment. This was not only a great way for him to track if a customer found him on his website, but it also created trust between him and his customers.

What I did

1. Development

I created a beautiful clean layout for Agas Plumber on WordPress. I prefer to use WordPress as it allows clients to easily self-manage their website. They can upload and update images, text or other customised sections – especially as their business grows.

2. Apply Branding

Agas Plumber was re-branded in July 2018, and subsequently needed a new website to reflect their new branding. I designed a website for Agas Plumber that not only addressed their objectives for the new website, but also reflect their new branding in a clean format.

3. SEO Boost

As Agas Plumber has been online for many years they have an established SEO presence on search engines. We wanted to boost it further by adding SEO keywords and tags to his new website content.
As Geoff is a small business owner I wanted to help him reduce his marketing costs while maintaining his current SEO presence and business engagement.

Since the redevelopment and launch of the Agas Plumber website, Geoff has noticed that the SEO keywords and tags we integrated into his website attracted new clients and boosted his visibility on search engines by 8% shortly after launch. This is a great result for Geoff and Agas Plumber!


“Thanks to Natalie I now have a great website. She is very creative, she listens and knows her stuff. Don’t take my word for it take a look it’s awesome.”